Donation Billing

Donation Billing

Free Donation Billing Option: The Fast Charge Payment Gateway includes a free donation billing option for online checks and credit cards with your account set up. Recurring billing can also be used to offer installment billing plans for products (i.e. three payments of $19.95) Fast Charge offers a robust yet easy to use recurring billing system that can be configured to suit the needs of your business. Recurring Billing features:

Multiple Billing Profiles: Merchants can configure different profiles for special events and allow the consumer to select the one that fits their need. For example, your consumers can select to be billed monthly at one rate or pick an annual fee at a different rate.

Flexible Billing Cycles: Recurring billing can be configured to bill weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.

Configurable Billing Terms: The duration of billing terms can be configured from one time to unlimited. You can bill daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually! Automatic Rebilling: Transactions can be automatically retried if not successful. You set the retry interval and frequency — we’ll take care of the rest!

Detailed Reporting: Detailed transaction history of your consumers’ recurring payments are available online for your review. Also, daily summary reports keep you up to date on recurring activity: how many new subscribers, cancelled subscribers, how many were billed that day, whether a billing was successful or not.

If they select weekly, monthly or quarterly Fastcharge will automatically rebill them the amount they enter until you cancel them manually in the Fastcharge Recurring Manager.

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