Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Fast Charge Fraud Prevention Features

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway provides several fraud and risk prevention options free of charge for every merchant using our system. We give every merchant 100% control over all their fraud settings.  

Automatic Merchant Fraud Protection

In addition to the merchant-initiated protection mechanisms described in this section, several automatic features have been incorporated into the Merchant Fraud Protection module to block out customers exhibiting suspicious buying behaviors, including:  

  1. A feature to block a credit card that is submitted and declined twice within 24 hours using different expiration dates.
  2. A feature to check City and State entries for validity against the zip code entered.
  3. A feature to check area codes for validity against the zip code entered.
  4. A feature to detect and block proxy transactions  

Velocity Controls

Velocity Controls provide a tool to manage and mitigate risk associated with processing credit cards by establishing limits on transactions. When enabled, the Velocity engine will monitor transactions in real-time against the threshold limits defined. These controls will assist in preventing abuse and minimize potential for fraud. Utilization of the velocity controls can automatically decline transactions based on location, BIN, transaction amount, repeat card use and excessive refunds. Caution should be used in using these tools as the thresholds can limit and decline otherwise acceptable transactions.

IP Viking

The IP Viking service uses continuous discovery and analysis of rogue networks and compromised devices to provide a complete IP risk assessment for every transaction.

Fraud and Risk Management (FRISK)

The proprietary FRISK risk management system from Fast Charge provides a sophisticated suite of fraud detection and prevention options. Each transaction submitted can be filtered through a comprehensive series of fraud detection rules to determine potential risk. Configuration of these rules is under your complete control using our user-friendly Online Merchant Center administration web site.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code

Marketed as Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code, these programs ensure authentication of credit card holders with their issuing bank, eliminating merchant liability for the most common fraud-related charge-backs, and providing confidence to consumers that their cards cannot be used for fraudulent purchases.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code® is a that requires a unique password to make online purchases with your Visa or MasterCard at participating merchants. This extra security helps prevent any unauthorized online use of a card.

Verified by Visa works to confirm an online shopper’s identity in real time by requiring an additional password or other data to help ensure that only the cardholder can use his Visa card online.

When customers see the Verified by Visa symbol on your site at checkout, they can rest assured that their online transactions are protected by the brand they know and trust. And, even if the cardholder isn’t enrolled in the program or their issuer isn’t participating, the merchant is not liable for certain fraud-related chargebacks on Visa personal debit and credit card transactions.

Fast Charge allows merchants to integrate their choice of payer authentication applications into their shopping cart or web-based application, and then process payer authenticated transactions through their existing payment gateway account to gain additional protection against chargebacks.


Reduces Fraud – Merchants can verify that the person using the card is the cardholder.

Charge-back Protection – Authenticated transactions may not be charged back if the cardholder alleges they did not make or authorize the purchase.

Increases consumer confidence – Assures consumers that their transactions will be secure, leading to increased sales.

How does the payer authentication process work?

Consumers enroll their Visa or MasterCard credit cards in the Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code programs at their issuing bank’s website. During the enrollment, they choose a password to associate with their card. When they use that card at a merchant enabled for Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code, they are prompted by their issuing bank to ‘sign” for the purchase with their password.

Additional information is available at the credit card association websites:

Verified by Visa

MasterCard Secure Code

How do I get started using payer authentication?

Contact Fast Charge customer service for more information on how to activate payer authentication on your account.

Note: Payer Authentication services (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) are currently available to merchants that process on FDMS-Nashville or TSYS (Vital) authorizing networks. Additional fees may apply.


Fast Charge Payment Gateway™ Recognized by Visa U.S.A. for CISP Compliance

Fast Charge Payment Gateway™ is excited to announce our recent certification of compliancy with Visa’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP). This program establishes a set of 12 requirements for safeguarding sensitive information and controlling data access. To become certified, organizations must submit to an independent security audit to verify compliance with all twelve requirements. This recognition by Visa underscores our commitment to provide the highest level of security to our merchants and their customers for their card processing needs. For information regarding CISP, refer to the VISA web site at VISA CISP and CISP REQUIREMENTS

To maintain compliance with Visa’s data retention requirements, the following changes are being made which affect the duration that transaction details are available in the Online Merchant Center reporting system.


Transaction detail will be retained for 24 months after the transaction was processed. After 24 months the detail will be archived offline. What this means to you is that transaction detail reports run with a date range past 24 months ago will only display detail for transactions within the last 24 months. Transaction Summary data is not affected by this change. Summary totals will reflect the correct amounts even though transaction detail is not available. Also, active recurring billing data will be retained.

Changes to be deployed within the next 90 days:

Confidential cardholder data (such as the card number) will be retained for 120 days after the transaction was processed. What this means to you as a merchant is that credits must be issued on an existing transaction within 120 days of the date that the original transaction was submitted. If you wish to process a credit after the 120-day period, you will need to re-enter the cardholder information as a new transaction using Virtual Terminal.

Performing a transaction search using the full credit card number will only return results for transactions processed within the last 120 days. However, a new option will be available to search for transactions using the last four digits of the credit card number. This new search criteria will allow searches for all credit card transactions retained in the system.

A revised transaction processing agreement that includes VISA CISP requirements will be displayed when your login to the Online Merchant Center. You will be asked to accept these new terms before proceeding.

We are confident that you share our commitment to provide the most secure payment infrastructure for the processing of your customer’s confidential data. If you have any questions regarding secure payments, please contact us.

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