Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile Credit Card Processing

EPN offers a complete suite of mobile products and services for the on-the-go merchant, enabling them to succeed in today’s competitive market. A simple download from the app store and you can securely process any form of electronic payment from virtually anywhere on your smart phone or tablet.

  • Using the ePNMobile Pro Encrypted Reader you can qualify for swiped rates.
  • Sensitive card data is never stored on the device, which maximizes security.
  • Multiple devices can be consolidated in a single account.
  • Download transactions with ePNSync.
  • Inventory sales and signature capture from mobile devices.
  • Supports encrypted card readers, cash drawers, external receipt printers, and barcode scanning.

Next-Generation Mobile Processing
iEMVPay, the new version of the ePN mobile card reader is EMV, L1 and L2 certified, includes mag-stripe functionality, and is rechargeable.

Enhanced Security Mobile
transactions are never stored on the merchant’s phone – only through the PCI compliant cloud-based, ePN Secure Payment Gateway.

Versatility Merchants
can process payments securely away from their store-front or back-office with easy-to-use consolidated reports.

Ease-of-Use Through
the ePN Merchant Support Center, merchants can manage multiple devices from one centralized location. ePNMobile supports encrypted card readers, cash drawers, external receipt printers and barcode scanning.

Compatibility ePNMobile
has many configurable options that include downloading transactions into accounting software solutions, inventory management, and signature capture.