Quickbooks SErvices

The QuickBooks service allows transaction processing from within QuickBooks. Any QuickBooks’s user with an accompanying gateway account can process credit cards and electronic checks without leaving QuickBooks. Until now, most merchants would have to manually resolve transactions in QuickBooks. With Instant Accept you can now create new customer accounts, invoices, sales receipts, generate reports and record transactions seamlessly.

Accept and record payments simultaneously

InstantAccept™, you can process and record any form of electronic payment directly within QuickBooks®, eliminating the need to manually enter and import transactions. In other words, InstantAccept™ takes care of front office payment processing and back-office accounting in one stroke, saving you and/or your bookkeeper a whole lot of time and energy.

Protect credit card and customer information, and prevent others from accessing your company’s financial data

For businesses with multiple employees, using QuickBooks® to process payments can put critical customer and company information at risk. Without the right security, any employee logged into QuickBooks® can access sensitive information (like credit card numbers) and company data (like colleague salaries). By processing payments through InstantAccept™, you prevent unauthorized access to sensitive QuickBooks® data. In fact, QuickBooks® does not have to be open. You can also assign unique security credentials to your users and provide access to the information they need to do their jobs – and nothing more.


NOTE: Works with Premier, Enterprise, & Online versions.

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