Documentation for all the Fast Charge Online Commerce Suite products is available at our payment gateway support page HERE.

To accept credit cards on your website you will need to obtain an Internet Merchant Account with an acquiring bank. This is an account designed to enable you to accept credit cards over the Internet. Not all banks currently support Internet merchant accounts. Contact your bank to determine if your existing account will allow you to process Internet-based transactions.

No. A merchant Account is set up separately through a Merchant Bank. Fast Charge has partnered with Merchant Banks that can provide internet capable Merchant Accounts. Contact Fast Charge customer service for assistance in applying for a Merchant Account through a Fast Charge partner.

A merchant account is not required to process electronic checks. However, if you would like to process credit cards, an Internet capable merchant account is required. Fast Charge is not a credit card merchant account provider. However, we can help facilitate the process of obtaining account if you need one through one of our merchant bank partners

For a new merchant account, please contact us for information about our merchant banking partners. We have partnered with banks that specialize in setting up new merchant accounts with very competitive pricing. If you have an existing merchant account or would like to use the bank of your choice, Fast Charge can integrate with most Internet ready merchant accounts that use one of our compatible authorizing networks.

The merchant bank that issues you a Merchant Credit Card Account contracts with a processor to handle credit card processing for it. The Fast Charge payment gateway provides a ā€œbridgeā€ between the merchantā€™s website (using a secure Internet connection from the merchantā€™s website to Fast Charge) and the processor (using leased lines from Fast Charge to the processor).

Fast Charge allows you to use your merchant account and process live, secure credit card transactions over the Internet. Fast Charge becomes your ā€˜card swiping machineā€™ over the Internet allowing you to accept credit card orders 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without the need of human intervention and with an entire back office environment to run your business.

Yes, if the bank your merchant account supports Internet transactions and uses an authorizing network that Fast Charge is integrated with.

Offering your customers, a choice in payment method greatly increases your market potential. Studies show that for purchases over $25, almost half of all consumers prefer to pay by check with only 18 percent preferring credit cards. Over 90 percent of consumers have checkbooks and write over 30 billion checks every year. On the commercial side, about 15 billion checks are written business-to-business with an additional 10 billion checks written business-to-an individual.

You must have a US business address and a US bank account to process with Fast Charge.

No. Fast Charge is a transaction processing company. Through the Fast Charge Online Commerce Suite, an Internet merchant can process both Credit card and Electronic Check (ACH) transactions.

No. Fast Charge is a transaction processing company. Through the Fast Charge Online Commerce Suite, an Internet merchant can process both Credit card and Electronic Check (ACH) transactions.



Can I view a report of fees charged against my account by Fast Charge?

Your fee invoices are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply login to Online Merchant Center and select the Invoices/Fee Report under the Accounting menu in the left-hand frame.

How long does it take to receive funds after my transactions are submitted?

The amount of time it takes to receive credit card funds depends on your credit card merchant bank. Typically, the time is 48 hours, but you will need to ask them directly regarding when to expect your funds. The amount of time it takes to receive ACH (Online Check) transactions into your checking account is 8 banking days. On the eighth banking day you should see a settlement notification in the Online Merchant Center menu titled Online Check Settlements.

Can I sign up with Fast Charge online?

Yes, the Fast Charge Signup URL is: Sign Up here After completing the online signup form, please print, sign, and fax the transaction processing agreement to 509-924-6621

How will I know when the setup of my account is complete?

Once your account has been completed, you will receive notification via email.

How do I log into the Online Merchant Center?

Go to https://www.secure-fastcharge.com Fill in the following fields: Acct Id, User Id, and Password. This information is sent via email during the setup process.

How long does it take to integrate the Fast Charge Online Commerce Suite into my website?

If you have a merchant account that is Internet ready, your Fast Charge account can be activated with one to three business days. The actual time required to begin processing transactions from your web site depends on the integration method you select and the technical expertise of your staff.

What is Fast Charge Online Checksā„¢?

Fast Charge Online Checksā„¢ provide your customers with the convenience of making online purchases by debiting their personal checking accounts. A customer simply fills in a form at your website with bank information printed at the bottom of his or her personal check. The information is processed as an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the customerā€™s account via the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) payment system. This is the same system used by the Federal Government to distribute pension, insurance, retirement payments and to collect taxes.

Which credit cards will I be able to accept?

Fast Charge Online Commerce Suite can process VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB. Contact your Merchant Bank to determine which of these cards you are approved to process.

How do I process AMEX transactions?

To process American Express credit cards, you need to apply with American Express for an American Express Merchant account. Your Merchant Bank can assist you with this process. Once the account is approved, you must provide the information to your Merchant Bank that processes your MasterCard and VISA transactions. After this is confirmed, the final step is to login to Online Merchant Center, open the Acct Edit/Delete menu, and select the payment option AMEX.

How do I process Discover transactions?

To process Discover credit cards, you need to apply with Discover for a Discover Merchant account. Once the account is approved, you must provide the information to your Merchant Bank that processes your MasterCard and VISA transactions. After this is confirmed, the final step is to login to Online Merchant Center, open the Acct Edit/Delete menu, and select the payment option Discover.

Can I verify credit cards by telephone?

No, all transaction verifications are online. We do not offer a telephone verification service. However, we do provide you with the ability to bill a credit card you have verbally authorized through the Online Merchant Center Virtual Terminal.

What is the Recurring system?

The Recurring System in the Online Commerce Suite enables you to automatically rebill your customersā€™ credit card or checking account on a scheduled basis (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). Recurring billing can be configured via the Online Merchant Center Virtual Terminal, or one of the other integration methods. Refer to the Online Documentation for information on how to submit recurring transactions.

What is the Membership system?

The Membership System in the Online Commerce Suite enables you to establish and manage a membership site to manage password-protected web sites and recurring billing. The Membership system requires no additional third-party software if your server runs on a UNIX-based platform. Fast Charge Technical Support remotely installs and tests the software scripts on your Merchant E-Commerce server. During setup, Technical Support configures the user interface, checks paths, sets up templates and sends links to you for Sign Up pages. The membership system allows you to easily create unlimited subscription profiles for the different price and duration combinations you intend to offer, including free credit card signups. You can configure how many times to retry declined recurring transactions, download your member database to your PC and even generate retention reports. If your Web site is hosted on a Windows NT/2000 server running IIS Web Server, you will need additional third-party software to interface with the Online Commerce Suite Membership System. For details, contact Customer Service.

What do I need to do to cancel my account?

To cancel your account, Fast Charge requires that a 30-day written notice be submitted via fax or US mail. On the cancellation notice please verify the purpose of the account cancellation, along with the company name, 5-digit Account ID, signature of the primary contact on record, and an email address to which a confirmation can be sent. Please do not assume your account is cancelled until you receive confirmation via email.

My website will be down for a while. Do I still have to pay Fast Charge a monthly service fee?

You have the choice to put your account on a temporary deactivation. During this time your account will be temporarily deactivated, you will not incur any fees. With the temporary deactivation you have 6 (six) months to reactivate the account for the fee of $50.00. If you choose to reactivate the account after 6 months, you would be required to pay whatever the current setup fee for new accounts is.

What length of time can a consumer ā€œcharge backā€ an ACH transaction after it has been submitted?

In the ACH industry a ā€œcharge backā€ is called a ā€œReturn.ā€ ACH rules allow a consumer 60 calendar days (includes weekends and Holidays) to contest a transaction. The 60 days start the day after the money is withdrawn from the consumerā€™s account. This could be up to 4 business-banking days after the original transaction. After the 60 days, it may take up to 4 business banking days for the return to be received by Fast Charge. The merchant is informed of the return the same day Fast Charge receives it. If the bank has trouble identifying the return, it may be a couple of weeks before Fast Charge receives it and informs the merchant.

How secure is my transaction information?

The Online Merchant Center system protects consumer payment information while in transit over the Internet. Security mechanisms use mathematical algorithms to encrypt data before it is sent and decrypt the data as it is received. The Online Commerce Suite uses RSA or Triple DES for secured network transactions. For more detailed information refer to the Online Commerce Suite Integration Guide documentation.

Which Credit Card Processors is Fast Charge compatible with?

Fast Charge processes through the following credit card authorizing networks:

Vital FDC-Nashville

Digital Courier

FDR-7 Mapp (Global Payments Central)



What information is required to configure my authorizing network?

Mapp (Global payments Central):

Merchant Account Number: This may vary in the number of digits

TID: Will always contain a two-digit prefix, usually EA. 13 digits

Name of the merchant account provider and phone number


EFT Secure M_Key: 12 digits

EFT Secure M_ID: 12 digits

Merchant ID: 16 digits

Terminal ID or V Number: 8 digits


Merchant Name

Acquirer Bin: 6 digits

Phone Number: The merchantā€™s customer service phone number

Merchant Number: 12 digits

Terminal Number: 4 digits

Merchant Location: Merchantā€™s City

Merchant State: Merchantā€™s State

Merchant Category Code: 4 digits

Merchant Location Number: 5 digits

Agent Number: 6 digits

Chain Number: 6 digits

Store Number: 4 digits

Terminal ID Number/V Number: 8 digits

City Code: Merchantā€™s Zip Code

Name of the merchant account provider and phone number

Digital Courier:

VID: 6 digits

Password: 8 digits

Paymentech Tampa:

Client #: 4 digits

Mid: 12 digits

Tid: 3 digits

Merchant account provider (bank name) and phone number.


BIN: 6 digits

Merchant ID: 16 digits

Terminal ID: 16 digits


Terminal ID: 10 digits

Name of the merchant account provider and its phone number.

FDR-7 (First Data Omaha):

Merchant account number assigned by the issuing bank. The number varies between 14-16 digits.

FDC Nashville:

Merchant ID: 16 digits

Terminal ID: 16 digits

How do I process a voice authorization?

Login to the Online Merchant Center and scroll down to the Virtual Terminal in the left-hand frame. Select the Process Online Charge screen. Enter the transaction information and select the Voice Auth Capture radio button. Enter the authorization code and submit the transaction.

I donā€™t have access any of the menus on the left-hand frame. It says I need to contact my administrator for access.

If youā€™re using Internet Explorer, please do the following:

Select Tools

Click on Internet Options

Under Temporary Internet Files, select Delete Files.

Next box will prompt you to select, delete all offline content, and select OK.

You will be taken back to the Internet Options box, select OK.

If youā€™re using Netscape Navigator, please do the following:

Click on Edit

Select Preferences

Under Category files, select Advanced

Next select on Cache

Select Clear Memory Cache

After you have cleared the Memory Cache, select Clear Disk Cache

eNow select OK.

After following these instructions, you should be able to access all the Menus in Online Merchant Center.

What is AVS?

Address Verification System (AVS) matches the known address information on file at the cardholders issuing bankā€™s AVS database against the billing address information provided by the consumer/merchant. If the information does not match, the transaction is declined. Transactions declined due to non-match of AVS are still pre-authorized (reserved/hold amount that will decrease the consumers limit) by the credit card network, but the sale amount will not be charged to the credit card holderā€™s account and will not be deposited to your bank account.

Merchants have the option of selecting the level of match required for an approved transaction. Refer to the FRISKĆ¢ā€žĀ¢ section of the Online Documentation for more information regarding configuring AVS options. The service only applies to credit card transactions.

Do you provide a shopping cart?

Yes, a basic shopping cart is included in the Online Commerce Suite. A full-featured shopping cart is also available for merchants that require more advanced shopping cart capabilities. Contact Customer Service for details.

How long does it take for a transaction to take place?

Transactions submitted to the Online Commerce Suite payment gateway engine are processed in real time and take approximately 1-3 seconds to return a respons