Processing methods

Processing methods

Mobile Payments

 Our Mobile Payment Credit Card Terminals can be used by the following:

Gun Shows – Trade Shows and Kiosks

Mobile Car Washes / Mobile Detailers

Food Trucks Hot Dog Stands etc.

Pizza and Food Delivery

Flea Market and Gun Show Venders

Mobile Auto Repair

Home Inspection Companies

Many Others….

Notice: Merchants using a credit card terminal or chip card reader will usually get much better rates if they are set up properly. Please call us to learn how much we can save you. Wireless credit card processing (m-commerce) solutions became available collecting funds for orders done “on the road” required people to either pay by cash, check or write down their credit card information so you could process the transaction later back at your office. The fact is, cash and checks can get lost and credit card information, if not put in a secure place, can get into the wrong hands between the time the information was taken down and the customers card was charged. Now m-commerce solutions have taken the hassles out of doing business “on the run.” * Improved cash flow * Secure credit and debit card authorizations within a matter of seconds * Reduced instances of credit card fraud and chargebacks * Ability to conduct business where phone line connections don’t exist!

Equipment for Wireless Credit Card Processing (Card-Present Transactions)

PAX S90 Mobile Payment Terminal – with CDMA, GPRS and EMV

EMV Blue Tooth Chip Card Reader. Mobile or Stand Alone. 

o Trade Shows – Gun Shows

o Taxis

o Limos

o Fairs and Festivals

o Plumbing Contractors

o Retail Stores

o Delivery Services

o In Home Sales

o HVAC Contractors

o Towing

o Any Mobile Merchant!

The PAX S90 mobile POS terminal has been designed to offer superior wireless performance, embedded in a ruggedized yet stylish form factor. With options for single SIM or dual SIM functionality, and with a high capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery, the S90 is one of the most popular mobile terminals for merchants today. The S90 is PCI certified and delivers secure transactions with a state of the art 32-bit processor to support DUKPT, Master Session, DES, and 3DES. The ARM9 microprocessor assures faster, reliable transactions anywhere and every time.

Credit card processing via your smartphone is probably one of more cost-effective ways to process cards on the road. Works on your Blue Tooth with any Smart Phone.

iPhone Credit Card Processing Terminals

Process Credit Cards and Checks Anytime, Anywhere!

IPPA gives you everything you need to accept payment wherever your job takes you.

Fast, Easy & Secure

-Full transaction log and approval history

-Robust transaction search capabilities

-Required fields are clearly indicated

-Single screen data entry for customer details

-Concise validation and error messages

-High quality user interface with large fonts and professional graphics

Ippa uses industry standard SSL security to communicate with your iPhone credit card processor over the wireless network (Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE). Credit card information is NEVER stored on the device.

Get paid on the spot

-Process any major credit card.

-Get authorization in seconds – no need to write down payment information or call into your back office.

-E-mail electronic receipts directly from your phone.

-Access our Online Merchant Center 24/7/365 to view all your transactions and manage other Ippa users.

-Add as many employees as you need to a single Ippa account by simply providing them a user ID and supported device.

-Just key in card information directly into your phone or swipe cards with an optional card reader.

-Credit card information is not stored in your phone – it’s like using a store/front credit card terminal.

Features and Benefits

Retail credit card terminal solution

Wireless credit card processing

iPhone credit card processing

Smartphone credit card terminal

Touch tone credit card processing

User-friendly keyboard and operational menu system

Optional swipe credit card reader

Current history and batch reports available

Mobile Credit Card Processing

iPhone credit card processing and mobile payments credit card processing technology can increase sales, save time, reduce operating expenses and offer new flexibility and opportunities for all merchants, but particularly those whose business takes them outside the traditional retail environment. Add or update your wireless capabilities through Fast charge – our Web-based centralized payment processing system – to transform your business into a 100% mobile operation.

Card Present

Fast Charge Card Present Virtual Terminal

Now you can process retail POS transactions and take advantage of reduced card present merchant account transaction fees using our Virtual POS (VPOS) and an inexpensive credit card swipe reader attached to your PC. No software installation is required, and no dedicated credit card terminal needs to be installed.

Fast Charge VPOS allows you to process real time credit card transactions using your existing computer with an Internet connection.


Reduced Processing Fees – Card Present transaction rates are generally lower than e-commerce rates.

No Software Fees – Everything you need is included in your Fast Charge gateway service. No additional software needs to be purchased or installed. Also, there are no software licensing or upgrade fees for multiple installations — use it on as many computers at your location as you need.

Consolidated Reporting – All of your transactions (retail, mail-order, telephone-order, ecommerce, batch, etc.) are available for viewing online 24×7 using the Online Merchant Center system.

Debit card ready – Add on PIN based debit card transaction processing to give your customers additional payment options and further reduce your processing fees.

Secure – All transactions are secured using SSL encryption.

What do I need to start processing card present transactions?

  1. A computer with an Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape)
  2. An Internet connection, preferable full-time (for example, Cable or DSL)
  3. A merchant account that is configured for card present (retail) transactions
  4. A credit card swipe reader

To start getting card present transaction rates, you will need to swipe the customer’s credit card at the time of sale. Swipe card readers are simple devices that attach to your computer via USB, serial port, or keyboard wedge (attaches between your keyboard and your computer).

See the Compatible Hardware List to view all supported Card Present hardware.

Note: Card Present processing is available for merchants’ processing through the following authorizing networks:

Central Coast Processing

Concord EFSNet

First Data Nashville Host Capture

First Data Nashville Terminal Capture

First Data North

Global Payments East





WorldPay ISO 8583

Touch Tone Processing

Fast Charge wireless capabilities give you the option of processing transactions from any location that your WAP enabled phone or wireless PDA has service. You can pre-auth cards, process sales, or view transactions without a “hard-wired” computer. Great for trade shows and conferences where terminal access is unavailable. Now you can process orders in real-time instead of calling them in later — saving you time and frustration. To use the wireless features you need a WAP Enabled cell phone. To learn more about WAP features visit and do a test. The test URL is For complete information see our User Guide

phone_missionstep1step2step3Wireless features:

Payment Processing: Accepts all major credit cards -Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB and electronic check (ACH) processing via Online Charge™ and Online Check™.

Real-Time Payment Authorization: Your transactions are processed immediately, giving you real-time notification of whether the payment was accepted or declined.

Reporting: View transaction approve/decline results and details about any of your transactions — regardless of how they were submitted.

Easy to Enable: Merchant Partners wireless transaction processing is an integrated component of the Online Merchant Suite™. No separate Merchant Partner account or merchant account is required — all you need is a wireless device and wireless service.

Online Merchant Center™ Integration: Wireless transactions are processed using the same secure payment engine that your web transactions. All the Online Merchant Center™ FRISK™ and reporting features are available.

Customer Service: Our team of dedicated support professionals are available to answer any questions you have about your transaction processing needs.

Virtual Terminal

The Fast Charge Virtual Terminal is a secure, browser-based interface that enables businesses to authorize, process and manage credit card transactions from any computer that has an Internet connection and a Web browser. Virtual Terminal replaces standard authorization terminals or software and provides the best solution for merchants who manually enter credit card transactions for mail or phone order sales.

Virtual Terminal suits businesses of all sizes because it reduces the complexity and expense normally associated with authorizing and processing credit card transactions. It’s also much faster than standard dial-up authorization systems.

Businesses with a Fast Charge account may access the Virtual Terminal through the Fast Charge Web site using any Web browser. After logging into their Fast Charge account using a unique user ID and a password, merchants can access the complete range of Fast Charge services — authorizations for purchases, credits and returns, status and activity reports, and much more.

To authorize credit card transactions, the merchant must complete an electronic form that provides the Fast Charge system with the information it needs to complete the transaction. This information is encrypted using the latest 40 or 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 technology and is sent to a Fast Charge host server. The server then sends the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer’s bank using a secure, proprietary connection. When the process is complete — this usually takes around three seconds — the merchant receives an authorization number, and the Fast Charge server stores the transaction. Transactions are automatically settled each day and are typically funded within two to three business days.

Merchants can also check the status of transactions and run a variety of reports right from the Fast Charge Merchant Interface.  Vt Use the form below to submit a credit card charge. Fields marked with an * are required.

Payment Gateway

Fast Charge is a quick, easy and secure way to process all your payments. It’s real-time and you’re always open!

Online Processing

Online Credit Card Processing requires more security and aggressive fraud controls than retail credit card processing because the credit card cannot be verified by swiping the credit card like you do with a retail merchant account. For this reason, it’s very important to deal with a company that specializes in internet transactions and Internet Merchant Accounts.

An Online Merchant Account does not require a shopper’s signature and has requirements beyond a typical card-not-present or retail merchant account. If you already have a merchant account, you should verify that the merchant account supports credit card payments over the Internet.

Online Credit Card Processing

Accept all major credit and debit cards

Process payments easily from any web browser

Low monthly fees cancel anytime

Affordable Credit Card Processing from Your Computer

swipe or key-enter – swipe with your mobile card reader or manually enter cards

No additional hardware or software

All you need is a web browser or smartphone

Affordable for any business

Free fraud prevention

Connect your website for real time payments

Accept recurring payments

Accept Auction payments

Online Credit Card Processing Made Easy

Start accepting credit cards online today!

        Guaranteed Lowest Rates, Simple pricing. No hidden fees. Period.

         No Cancellation Fee – Turn off your Payment Gateway account at any time.

        Reliable & Transparent Service. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

        Free Virtual Terminal with Payment Gateway & Internet Merchant Account.

        Easy to setup and compatible with most shopping carts.

        Start Accepting Credit Cards in Hours

       Authorize, capture, and settle payments from your computer.

Credit Cards or Debit Cards account for the majority of all online purchases and The Fast Charge Payment Gateway provides a secure and fast way for you to accept these payments. With your own internet merchant account or one provided by us we’ll make sure to take good care of you and your customers.

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