Online Credit Card Processing

Online Credit Card Processing

Fast Charge is compatible with thousands of e-commerce shopping carts and if you don’t see us listed as a payment gateway you can still use Fast Charge with just about any shopping cart using our Emulator.

The Authorize.Net Emulator allows merchants to use the Authorize.Net payment module that is available in most third-party shopping carts. Simply change the POST TO™ URL within the Authorize.Net payment module to point to Fast charge™ gateway and your account will be up and running within a few minutes.

There are thousands of shopping carts and ecommerce systems that allow you to use the emulator and if you have any questions or need help please give us a call at (800) 757 5453. To determine if your shopping cart is compatible with our Authorize net Emulator find out if you can change the Gateway URL it accesses. If you can change this to your cart will work with our gateway. NOTE: We haven’t found any standalone shopping carts that won’t allow this.

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway™ also includes a FREE basic shopping cart wizard option with each gateway license to process credit cards or online checks. The free secure shopping cart is for merchants who have a need for a basic shopping cart that can total shipping and tax charges. With the web link wizard, you can generate the shopping cart code in under 1 minute and then cut and paste it to your web page. Sample Free Web Link Hosted Shopping Cart Wizard

In addition to the free cart the upgradable Fast Charge Web Cart is a full featured easy to use online store and shopping cart that integrates easily into your existing web site. There is no software to buy or install. All you need to do is add a few “Add to Cart” buttons that link your web site to our secure server, and we take care of the rest. No additional changes need to be made to the server where your website is hosted. Click here for more information about Online Merchant Center Web Cart.

Third Party Shopping Carts

Our Network offers emulation of most gateways. This makes it easy for anyone to utilize our Transaction Processing Services with their approved shopping cart in about 5 minutes.

Because our Transaction Processing Service is so easy to integrate, countless shopping cart developers have found that integrating our Transaction Processing Services directly into their shopping cart is a relatively trivial task even if you developed your own cart.