Partner Solutions

More businesses than ever are ready to sell their products and services on the Internet and over 100,000 new businesses are formed in the United States every month. Most businesses need to accept credit cards to be competitive in today’s business world. Customers are looking for a fast, easy, affordable solution to their payment processing needs.

As a FastCharge reseller, you’ll find yourself ready to offer one of the best possible payment processing solutions on the internet today.
Why offer FastCharge to your customers?

Why offer FastCharge to your customers?

  • Competitive pricing and easy integration.
  • Multiple services and revenue opportunities.
  • Easy online merchant account setup.


Becoming a Reseller Partner

If you’re an Independent Sales Organization, a Web Designer, ISP, Web Hosting Company, or any other business service provider, earn residual income by becoming an FastCharge Reseller.

To become a reseller it Costs You NOTHING to get started today! Just fill out this short form and we’ll contact you to go over the rest of your account set up and to answer all your questions.

The information you submit will remain confidential. We’ll never Spam or sell your email address so your privacy is protected with us. If you have any questions please call us at (800) 459-0625.