What are the Benefits of Kydex Holsters

There are several types of holsters offered in the marketplace today. Aiming to figure out which one is best for you will take a little research. If you are trying to find a concealable, resilient, hard-use, high-speed, low-drag holster, that is resistant to even the most unfriendly of environments, then Kydex holsters might be your best choice.


Kydex is thin, strong and light.

Here at Muddy River Tactical, our Kydex holsters are produced with .80 density. They are thinner and lighter than standard leather holsters. When you are carrying a weapon throughout the day, you want to make certain that you are as comfy as possible. A substantial factor in your convenience is the weight of your handgun and holster combination. The heavier they are, the less comfy you are most likely to be throughout the day.


Adjustable retention

Many Kydex holsters provide an adjustable retention. The retention for this style of holster is produced by friction on a low area on the weapon.  It can be separated to a little location to minimize the wear gradually. Kydex uses a level of retention that you will not discover in a common leather holster. With a well-crafted Kydex holster, you can fall or roll without the worry of your handgun disengaging accidentally.


Kydex is stiff

Kydex holsters will never lose their shape. This style will also enable the user to quickly re-holster their handgun. To make a Kydex holster, holster makers warm a sheet of Kydex.  Then they mold it around a weapon, cut off the additional product.  The last step is to polish the finished holster. It’s a slow, intricate procedure that needs skill and focuses on information. Kydex can then be fine-tuned and formed by hand to make drawing and reholstering much faster, much smoother and more constant. They retain their mold even after they are used over a lifetime.

Easy Maintenence

Kydex is essentially maintenance free. If your holster gets filthy, just clean it with a wet cloth and continue. If you are an active outdoorsman and take your gun and holster with you, possibilities are it is going to get dirty! Dirt and gunk can start to collect inside a leather holster, and it is tough to clear out without causing damage to the holster. With Kydex, the answer to the dirt and gunk issue is basic– wash it with a little soap and water. Almost immediately, your holster will be as clean as the day you purchased it.

Kydex is waterproof

Kydex will keep this quality for the life of the holster and need hardly any if any upkeep. The suggested upkeep for a Kydex holster is to clean it out with soap and water and let it dry.  Then inspect the hardware on your belt loops to make sure absolutely nothing is coming loose. If your holster is left neglected, it will just be filthy and wear the surface of your weapon much faster.

Here at Muddy River Tactical our Kydex holsters have an adjustable cant.  You also have the option of it being IWB or OWB in addition to tuckable! We make various designs and kinds of holsters no matter which you select.

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